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Marketing Tips Big Brands Can Learn from Small Brands

There are many things that small brands can learn from big brands. How did these companies get to where they are today? When you get too big, however, you lose sight of some fundamentals. And here is where small companies come in when they allow big companies to stop and reflect on some of their decisions.

Rapport with your loyal customers builds your businessIf you are a small business, you may have come across many articles showcasing tips from large companies. Tips can range from operations, marketing, management, human resources, to accounting. You may have even tried attending to one of these gurus’ seminars, and have read their books again and again. Large companies who have excelled in their trades are worthy of being looked up to, so, of course, startups would want to follow in their footsteps.

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, and it is in this department that small and big companies vary greatly. Large companies have big budgets for their advertisements, and they have a lot of leeway with where and when to market. Many big enterprises can afford to advertise on TV during prime time, and some can even afford to be on the most-awaited Super bowl. We are not talking about thousands of dollars here, but millions of dollars.

The point of giving these examples is to show that there is a big difference between a small and large company’s marketing strategies. Another large difference is with budgets, with small companies having a limited budget to work around with.

Successful large companies wouldn’t be where they are today without a winning formula that makes them tick. Because of that, small companies look up to them. Since marketing is an essential aspect of any business, it is good to know of the many things that big brands can share with small companies regarding marketing.

To give you an overview, here are some of them:

Leveraging your brand with social media1. Turn your brand into a “religion”

When you have a strong band of followers for your brand, you will never go wrong. It is because these people are the ones who will spread the good word about your company, and they will be the ones to vouch for you. So, you must focus on getting people’s respect and trust before you expand your operations. Also, never pay for fake likes and reviews, because they do more harm than good. If you go with a trustworthy Buffalo SEO & digital marketing agency, you know what’s the real deal when it comes to your marketing strategies. You cannot assess whether your tactics are working or not.

Even if you are offering the best products and services, if you do not have a steady following, then you are putting all your efforts to waste. So, along with improving your products and services, strive to increase your community support.

2. Remember that every ad counts

Since you are doing most of your marketing on social media, you think that every post is easy to do, right? The answer is, in fact, a resounding “No.” You must think of every post as a billboard: something that you have to spend lots of time into curating before publication. It is not just because social media marketing is “free” would it mean that it is okay to not give enough effort for your every post. In fact, because it is free to market on social media, you must use this to your advantage. You can build a community and promote your brand on social media, so you get to hit two birds with one stone here.

Now that we’ve talked about things that small brands can learn from big brands let’s go the other way around. What can big brands learn from small brands when it comes to marketing? It can be a surprising question since there is a notion that since large companies have already proven themselves, why would they want to learn from startups?

The answers may surprise you. Here are some marketing tips that big brands can learn from small brands:

 freebies is a brand strategy1. There are many “free” things circulating around

When you have money to spend, you tend to overlook on the free things that you can sign up for. Social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter are all free platforms that allow you to market your brand without spending a lot of money. If you have money, though, you may choose to go with a business account. It is, in fact, better if you go with a free account first so you can encourage people to join your community.

Anything that is presented corporate-like tends to shoo people away, so why not try to be as inclusive as you can? Even if you are a business, you have to be authentic with your undertakings. Therefore, make the most of these free channels and put your best foot forward. When you put money out of the picture, you tend to be more creative with what you want to do with your business.

2. Be hands-on

Large companies have sales and marketing departments that do the job for them. However, when you are a small business, you tend to be involved in a lot of the processes to run the company. Often, you also answer clients’ queries and send personal messages to your previous clients. There is nothing wrong with being hands-on with marketing because it is a way of saying “Thank You” to your clients for supporting your brand.

Big brands can also learn from small companies. The key is for you to be open to these lessons, and to be willing to get out of your comfort zone to improve your enterprise.


Reasons to Add More Fruits & Vegetables in Your Diet

Everywhere around us, the food that we take in is steadily becoming farther detached from the lap of Mother Nature. The shelves in grocery stores are replete in processed foods that are high on artificial flavors, preservatives, and various other additives, names of which are too difficult to even pronounce.

On those not-so-rare occasions when we decide to skip grocery shopping, we indulge in fries and a cheeseburger gratefully handed down through the car window.

Have you ever wondered how such an imbalanced diet affects our health? Think deep and you will feel troubled by the thoughts! Over the last few decades, there has been a considerable increase in metabolic conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity. The root cause of it all? Our improper, unbalanced diet regime.

Healthy or Junk FoodAdding more fruits and vegetables is the way forward

It is probably safe to assume that the readers do not want to find themselves as part of this unpleasant statistics. If so, now would be a good time to align your diet with what is best prescribed by nature by adding more veggies and fruits into your diet plan. Here is a look at some of the reasons that support this great idea.

They are great as sources of minerals and vitamins:

A better source than veggies and fruits is hard to find. These are rich in folic acid, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium, while also having a rich content of vitamins, E, C, and A. Avocados are rich in potassium which maintains proper functioning of the body. This rich content can also be found in tomato paste puree, bananas, and sweet potato.

Variety in textures and flavors:

Fruits and vegetables have lots of flavors which are unique and fewer, giving you plenty to get creative within the kitchen. While the likes of peppers, olives, and onions give strong flavors, corn and mushroom are better for milder flavors. Grapefruits and lemons are sour, but you can sweeten things up with plums, grapes, and pineapples.

Rich fiber content:

Most of the vegetables and fruits have a rich fiber content that gives you a feeling of being full and improve gut health. Cauliflower, broccoli, green peas, and artichokes are rich in fiber among vegetables while pumpkin, apples, raspberries, and pears are high-fiber fruits.

Low in fat and calorie count:

Vegetables and fruits have an average fat and calorie count that is low, allowing you to consume them in greater amounts to stay full longer without the worry of becoming fat or putting on the extra calories.

Half a cup of grapes has 200 fewer calories compared to a quarter cup of M&Ms. The likes of coconuts, olives, and avocados, however, form exceptions to this rule.

Keeps you protected against diseases such as cancer:

Several of the fruits and vegetables have phytochemicals. These are biologically active substances and play an important role in giving protection against certain diseases.

Adding these into the diet significantly cuts down on the risks of cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Watercress, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and other similar cruciferous veggies are known to reduce the risks of cancer significantly.

Helps maintain your good health in general:

Thanks to a low content of sugar, salt, and saturated fat, veggies and fruits can come in handy if you are planning to devise a well-balanced diet. It can even help prevent weight gain or aid in weight loss. They are also known to reduce blood pressure, lower levels of cholesterol, and reduce inflammation in the body.

Low content of cholesterol and sodium:

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain sodium only in trace amounts. It is a common belief that sodium content is high in celery when, in reality, every stock contains only a paltry 30mg. This is just about 1 percent of the daily intake recommended. Vegetables and fruits do not have any cholesterol content whatsoever. In recent times the trend to hire a private cook in NYC has increased a lot, as many people are getting conscious about the amount of sodium and cholesterol in their diets. A private cook can prepare delicious smoothies and a variety of fruit and vegetable salads for your daily or occasional meal preps.

The form does not matter, and they are all nutritious:

You may be someone who loves to dig into some fresh fruits and vegetables at any point on a given day. Whether you take this through dehydrated products, in canned form or in frozen form, as far as the nutritional aspects are concerned there is little to no difference to take into consideration.

Most of the canned and frozen products get processed within hours of them being harvested which helps to lock in the nutritional value.

Smoothies for cleansingEasy to prepare, a quick and convenient meal:

Most of the vegetables and fruits do not require any packaging, unlike the crackers or granola bars. Hence, it is easier to grab an apple or a banana while heading out on some important business or for some leisurely activity.

They help you prepare awesome smoothies:

Have a blender at home? Get hold of some ice and fruits, and before long you will be whipping up delicious smoothies for yourself with the help of the flavors that you consider to be the yummiest and tastiest of the lot.

Here is a tip that is worth remembering – while making a smoothie, any smoothie, add a generous quantity of spinach. It is only when you cook spinach that the distasteful side of this vegetable comes to the fore. Not even your kids will succeed in pointing out the difference!

In children, the stomach is of a smaller capacity. While they have higher energy needs, they are unable to eat the same portions as adults.

Nevertheless, you should encourage them to have more veggies and fruits with their meals. Only when they eat well will your children get the kind of energy that they require for playing, working, learning, and developing in all other aspects of mental as well as physical development.

When good habits get built up in the early years, their benefits seemingly last long into adulthood. You may be required to exhibit some amount of creativity to include more amounts of fruits and vegetables into the diet, but it is important that you keep an open mind about trying out new diet plans to make the switch to a healthier alternative worthwhile.


Avoiding Failure in the Business of Freelance Professional Translation

As a self-employed professional sign language translator, you do everything yourself: training, marketing, sales, operations, and customer service. Going freelance is challenging, but something that many translators do on the side while keeping a day job. Some even do sign language translation as their full-time business.

thriving in freelance translationEven though sign language translation is of high demand, there is a decreasing number of translation professionals. It may be due to the intense competition within the industry, and may also be because of the more demanding services that are required of translators.

If you are a freelance translator, you already know the challenges of going into this industry. You are aware that while your services are in demand, it is not easy to find active clients. It’s hard to put your foot in the door, so you have to understand that getting your first customers is the most challenging part. However, once you get into the industry, there is no looking back especially if you are one of the best with what you do. If you are the best, you do not even have to search for clients for they will be the ones to come looking for you.

But no matter how much effort you put into your translation business, no enterprise is perfect. There are a lot of things you will learn along the way, and what works for you might not work for others.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that many freelance professional translators commit. Aim to take note of these so you can improve your strategies:

1. You are charging too little for your services.

setting professional feesIf you are operating in an expensive city like Sydney or Seoul, you must charge based on the operating expenses in your area. It is costly to maintain an enterprise in urbanized cities because you have to pay for higher rent, utilities, and taxes. So, when giving your rate, you must put your area into consideration.

Check out your competitors’ prices and list down their fees, so you get an idea if your rate is too high or too low. If you are charging too little, you may get clients, but you will end up burnt out and exhausted, unable to pay your rent and taxes. Of course, it is a business, and you want to keep your enterprise going.

2. You are charging too high for your services.

As much as charging too little is bad enough for your business, charging too high is also detrimental to your brand. When you are listing down your rates, make sure that you know your training, skills, and work experience are all accounted for.

overcharging might lose you an opportunityIf you are near-native with five foreign languages and you have worked with many international organizations, then you can be confident enough to charge higher for your services. If, however, you are just starting with your translation services, then accept the fact that you must charge lower fees at the beginning of your career. Receive contracts, continue marketing your services, and keep on upgrading your translation skills until you get to the point that you are the best with what you are doing.

Know that work experience is crucial as to how much you charge for your professional rates. Be patient, take care of your clients, and make sure that you keep on upgrading your skills. When you become the best at what you do, you can then charge higher fees for what you deem you deserve.

These are some of the mistakes that you must avoid when operating a freelance professional translation business. Focus on providing excellent services and set a name for your brand for future-proofing.


Acupuncture in New York City – Frequently Asked Questions

questions about acupuncture-min

As a person looking for the top acupuncture clinic in Manhattan, there is a very high likely that you have a lot of questions about the procedure. To help you understand acupuncture better here is a look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

What’s Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a part of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. The practice is based on theories and ideas that have been articulated over thousands of years. Acupuncture is where fine needles are inserted into specific points of the body and is guided by Traditional Oriental Medicine. The needles may be applied using moxibustion, which an herbal hear source. Sometimes, electrical pulses may be employed while the needles are inserted to increase stimulation. Where and how acupuncture needles are inserted will encourage the body to promote self-healing by improving immunity, recuperative power, emotional and physical health and improving the overall well-being and function of the body. Acupuncture maintains and balances health in a natural way.

Is Acupuncture Safe?

Yes, it is. When being performed, only disposable sterile needles are used. And since acupuncturists undergo extensive training, this treatment option is very safe. As such, if a well-trained professional treats you, then your safety is certainly assured. While tens of millions of acupuncture treatment are performed every year in the US alone, only about 50 or fewer cases develop complications.

Is it painful?

The needles used are extremely thin and very fine unlike injection needles and most people don’t find their insertion disturbing or painful. In all honesty, acupuncture feels nothing like getting your blood drawn or getting a shot.

What conditions can acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture has been used to treat a very wide variety of health issues over the years include degenerative and chronic disease as well as pain and other acute conditions. At the same time, this treatment option can benefit the entire immune system as it can strengthen it if it’s weak or moderate it if it’s overactive. Here are some of the health issues acupuncture has been used to treat:
•    Low back pain
•    Migraines and headaches
•    Sciatica
•    Muscle spasms
•    Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
•    Fertility disorders
•    Menopause syndrome
•    Arthritis/Osteoarthritis
•    Insomnia, depression, and stress
•    Gynecological disorders
•    Sexual Dysfunction
•    Cancer treatment support
•    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•    Amongst others

Why should I consider trying acupuncture as a treatment option?

Acupuncture can relieve health issue symptoms, restore the normal function and balance of your body and strengthen your body’s resistance amongst other things. At the same time, acupuncture has many beneficial side effects. According to reports from patients who have tried acupuncture as a treatment option, they felt better faster, missed fewer work days, got along well with others, felt lesser pain, were more energetic, worked better, and were more focused.

How does it work?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture works by channeling energy, ensuring that it runs in regular patterns all through the body and over the surface. This channeled energy flow through the body irrigates and nourishes the organs and tissues. Obstructions to this movement are like a dam that inhibits the proper flow of bodily fluids, blood, and metabolic waste & leading to imbalances. By needling specific acupuncture points, flow is prompted allowing for any obstructions to be cleared, making it easier for healthy flow to be re-established through the channels. As these channels link with different organs, acupuncture can therefore also help improve how internal organs function. Improved flow of energy and the biochemical balance produced by this treatment stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself while promoting emotional and physical well-being.

What should I expect when I visit an acupuncturist?

When visiting an acupuncturist for treatment, the professional will ask you several questions and will perform a health check while looking at your health history to know if there any underlying factors that contribute to your health disorder or health issue. He or she will also ask about your lifestyle, health, and symptoms. After that, he or she may feel your pulse, palpate different parts of your body, and examine your tongue. This is to help him/her find patterns that can tell which channels and organs are out of balance. From the information they gather, the acupuncturist can identify a pattern of disharmony about Oriental Medical theory and will then create a treatment plan that will address the problem. Once the professional has determined which treatment option will suit you best, you can then receive treatment. The interesting thing about acupuncture is that each treatment plan is as unique as its patient as it is designed to address the patient’s particular disorder or issue.

Here are some more FAQ’s about acupuncture:


Confidence is All You Need for Financial Success

Learning how to be confident is an essential key to success. People who are satisfied with themselves, with that they do, and with how they react to situations are on the road to success. Even in the history of human development, confidence is believed to have a significant contribution. Those who were confident enough to conquer even the most unfavorable odds were the ones who prevailed, leaving behind those who were too afraid to do anything.

Various authors, especially of books about self-development, always talk about the importance of self-confidence in attaining success in all human endeavors, and how it can help you lead a happy life. One of the greatest writers of the 18th century, Samuel Johnson, also believes in the crucial role of self-confidence in people’s lives. In one of his writings, he even expressed that “self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.”

Self-confidence gives you a boost when in businessAside from helping you overcome obstacles, self-confidence also gives you the push that you need to reach your goals. When you are confident, you are not afraid of uncertainties and do not easily give up when faced with difficulties. At the same time, when you believe in yourself, you start to feel good and have a sense of purpose. Self-confidence gives you the courage, the drive, and the power to make your dreams come true.

Confidence can be beneficial when you are an entrepreneur, especially when you are handling the financial side of things. It is because as an entrepreneur, you need to take risks that would put your entire business at stake. You may choose not to go with the chance, but at the cost of your business failing to flourish. So, if you want to succeed as a business owner, you need the confidence within you to succeed.

Here are some of the reasons why confidence can become your key to success when it comes to business:

1. Having self-confidence makes you flexible

People with self-confidence can easily adjust in different circumstances. Because they are familiar with their abilities, including their flaws, they know how to cope in a fast-paced setting and can maintain their composure even in overwhelming situations. They also know how to express what they feel positive and to suggest necessary changes that can be beneficial for them, like acquiring financial services outsourced support when crunching numbers isn’t your thing. When business leaders feel down, the confident ones usually look back to their previous accomplishments in life and use these as a motivation to move forward.

2. Self-confidence makes it easier for you to deal with problems

Confident people do not run away from problems. In fact, they get courageous enough to face them. They know their capabilities and use these well to achieve their goals. When confronted with unfamiliar and stressful situations, they do not get consumed by fear, but are bold enough to figure out ways to solve the problem at hand. It makes them very reliable as well. They understand that time is too valuable to be wasted, so they make sure to finish on time whatever it is that they need to do.

3. You will know how to accept criticisms constructively

Criticizing a confident person will not hurt their feelings because they are very much aware of what they are capable of, as well as their weak points. When you know yourself, it will not be easy for people to bring you down. Instead of feeling offended, confident people graciously accept the negative feedback they get from people and use these to improve themselves.

Standing your ground and communicating your thoughts4. You become a great communicator by being confident

Communicating with people—like before a small group or even in front of a large crowd—is not a problem for those who have a definite concept of themselves. Confident people are usually fluent speakers who can express their ideas clearly and effectively. They can be firm when arguing about a point that they firmly believe in but are also ready to recognize their faults. They are also right in persuading and influencing people. But even if they are great communicators, they do not intimidate people and are very approachable and easy to talk with.

5. Self-confidence makes you a great mediator

Self-confident people are great peacemakers. They can be very helpful in resolving conflicts between people because they demonstrate a strong sense of morality and can look at a problem from different perspectives. They also know how to be empathetic and respectful to the sentiments of each party.

Self-confident people have a high potential to become excellent business leaders because they possess the traits mentioned above. Being a good leader requires you to make important decisions that, as much as possible, would benefit everyone, and when you are confident with yourself, you can focus more on the problem, think clearly and decide intelligently. Aside from acquiring leadership skills, self-confidence also improves other aspects of your life like your positive self-image, productivity, sense of accomplishment, self-value, and overall health.

Increased self-confidence helps you get through the challenges that you may encounter in your enterprise, especially on the financial side. It enables you to stand firm despite the hardships, to continue to fight despite the failures, and to believe in yourself even if things are not going your way. It also strengthens your connection with the people around you, like your staff and customers, and helps you maintain healthy relationships with the people you love. Having self-confidence gets you pumped up to face the world.


Why “Sell and Rent Back” Deals Can Hurt Homeowners

Sale and leaseback deals typically hurt homeowners facing foreclosure. They also are not an effective means to accomplish the goal of the sale and leaseback, which is to remain in the home. Homeowners facing foreclosure should consider other better options for sale and leasebacks.

1)Homeowners Can Lose Equity in Sale and Leaseback Deals

In the sale and leaseback deals hurt homeowners with equity in their home. Sale and leaseback are used to engage in equity stripping. Equity stripping is a fraudulent scheme used by lenders to purchase homes that are in foreclosure, where there is a significant difference between the home’s market price and the mortgage. For example, a homeowner has a mortgage of $80,000 on a home worth $200,000.00. In an equity stripping sale and leaseback, the purchaser would buy the home for $80,000 and attempt to resell it to the homeowner or someone else for $200,000.

2) They May Not Accomplish The Chief Goal of Sale and Leaseback

Sale and leasebacks may not accomplish the homeowner’s main goal of staying in the home. First, if the former homeowner could not pay the mortgage, the homeowner may not be able to pay rent either unless rent is significantly less expensive. Second, even if the rent is low at first, the new owner can raise it, perhaps to levels that are unaffordable. Third, the new owner can sell the home to someone else, eventually forcing the homeowner to move.

While a homeowner might seek to prevent these events from happening by carefully negotiating the lease terms, that is not realistic. Many homeowners may not understand fully the terms and conditions of the lease being offered them. Even if the homeowner understands the terms, a homeowner in foreclosure has a lot less leverage to negotiate lease terms than the purchaser.

3) Homeowners Facing Foreclosure Have Other Better Options

A homeowner in foreclosure should consider the following options: a) Offer to renegotiate the terms of the mortgage with the bank; b)Offer to the bank to put the home on the market, and c) consider filing for bankruptcy.

a) The homeowner on a defaulting mortgage should contact their bank and attempt to try to obtain better terms that will allow them to avoid foreclosure. Homeowners re-negotiating their mortgages have significant leverage with banks because in foreclosure the bank will incur significant costs to foreclose the home and bank may be faced with selling the foreclosed home at a loss in the current real estate climate. These conditions make it favorable for the homeowner and the banker to work out a scenario that reduces the mortgage payment to allow the homeowner to stay in the home and the bank to lose less money.

b) The homeowner should contact the bank and offer to list and sell the home. A bank is likely to accept as this allows the bank to avoid the costs of foreclosure. The homeowner stays in the home and has an opportunity to take any equity that they have in the home at the sale.

c) The homeowner should consider bankruptcy as a last resort if the homeowner has large debts in addition to the mortgage. While bankruptcy will only temporarily stop the foreclosure of the home, it does give the homeowner time to work out things out with their lenders. Homeowners burdened with high credit card debt, or other debts may benefit from bankruptcy because after discharging those debts, they may be able to make their mortgage payments. Bankruptcy is not be taken lightly, and the homeowner should seek counsel from a bankruptcy lawyer before deciding to file.


Dash the Fun in Running

Infants crawl, eventually becoming toddlers. At this stage, these few steps develop to faster leaps considered as running. It can be concluded, therefore, that humans are innately born to be runners based on the complexity of their physiological and anatomical structures. Our ancestors once had to hunt and gather for their food, and all they had to rely on was their bodies to complete their tasks.

Running is undeniably fun and addicting. But for those who consider it as a sport or requisite in a school curriculum, there are far more important things to consider when you are looking into improving your skill with this game.

Here are some facts about running and some tips on how you can continue to be injury-free as you enjoy your run:

1. Running is great for weight loss

running helps reach weight loss goalsOther sports like swimming and biking are not to be disregarded regarding health benefits, but fitness trainers from Trophy Fitness Club emphasize all these activities as complementary cardio exercises. Nevertheless, for the body conscious and those who have not developed the skills to swim and bike properly, running is the best exercise for them. Running burns more calories compared to swimming and biking. For example, a 10.9 mph running pace can burn as much as 1,000 calories for an average-built adult. Moreover, 30 minutes or more of continuous jogging allows reserved fats used as fuel for the muscles for energy in support of calories.

2. Stretch before you run, but do it with tact

stretching prepares your muscle for physical activityA common myth widely believed for the prevention of cramps, muscle, and joint injuries is that you must stretch before any exercise. But before you follow, consider this: when you put a rubber band in the refrigerator, you cannot only pull it out of the fridge and stretch it out. You must allow some time for it to recover its form and texture; otherwise, you will end up breaking the entire rubber band.

Stretching is necessary, but it is crucial for you to warm up or do some light exercises before stretching. You must do this because doing some exercises before stretching lessens the possibility of you having injuries. And do not skip warming up and stretching altogether. You must avoid delving into doing your primary activity without giving your body the time to get on its toes first.

3. Long-distance runs develop endurance and stamina

level up endurance by running longer distancesIf you do the same running exercises (i.e., pace, distance, and duration) every day, you won’t see any significant improvements with your weight loss and skill upgrade efforts. You have to keep on changing your workouts to break the routine and for your body to get out of its comfort zone. But do not be too drastic with the changes. You can increase your pace, distance, and duration bit-by-bit until you get comfortable with the new change. Doing one long-distance run a week is beneficial for your health especially in improving your strength and cardiovascular health. But don’t do more than one long-distance run in a week, for it can bring needless injuries and might cause adrenal fatigue.

Running is a fun exercise to do, and it is a natural activity for humans to do. Make the most of your workouts and do not put your efforts and time to waste.


The Secrets of a “No-Makeup” Korean Makeup

Aside from having a healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive mindset, there is another way to bring your assets a notch higher, not exactly by altering your features, but by enhancing them even further. Thus, lately, a new “no-makeup” Korean makeup phenomenon has been taking the world by storm.

Korean no makeup style

What exactly is a “no-makeup” Korean makeup? For one, this style is not heavy on colors, shades, and depth; it is more about putting just the right amount of makeup to make you look fresh and vibrant (go find Korean cosmetics online now!). That goes to say that for someone with an untrained eye for makeup, that person most likely will be fooled into thinking you haven’t put makeup at all. That’s a big badge of honor, to be told, “You’re beautiful even without makeup!”

What are the secrets to achieving a “no-makeup” look? And what can the Korean makeup industry teach you about looking your best without trying so hard?

Here are the “no-makeup” Korean-style makeup secrets you ought to know right now:

1. BB cream is your everyday best friend.

BB cream translates to, Blemish Balm, Blemish Base, Beblesh Balm, or Beauty Balm. It is the most popular innovation of the South Korean makeup industry, putting thick and sticky foundation bases to shame. What’s great about BB cream is that it covers up your blemishes, smooths out your skin, covers up your pores, and even doubles up as sunblock. It makes your skin glow especially on those late nights when you’re buggered with dry skin and eye bags that do not seem to go away. And above all, with all these benefits, BB cream does not show up as “makeup” when used. It effortlessly blends with your skin. No wonder why so many Western brands also released their line of BB creams when South Korea wowed the world with this smart product.

2. CC cream is your best friend on those “blah” days.

CC cream stands for Color Correction. Just like BB cream, it smooths out, moisturizes, and protects your skin. It helps you out in effortlessly making yourself look fresh and vibrant. The only difference with BB cream is that CC cream evens out your complexion not just color-wise, but also texture-wise. It has that extra feature of making sure that you still look your best even with the lack of sleep, and at that time of the month when your hormones are just out of whack. This cream evens out age-related features such as wrinkles and age spots. Also because of CC cream’s more fancy features, it has a higher SPF than BB cream.

3. Cheek-and-lip tint is always a must-bring.

Goodbye, lipsticks and cheek blushes. Say hello to cheek-and-lip tints! These tints usually come in different shades, and can always be used for both cheeks and lips. Why do they stand better than blushes and lipsticks?

First off, they look more natural, with a pinkish glow that comes when you just finish your yoga class. Secondly, these tints make it more creative for you to re-create your look, with cheek tints that can go in parallel with your jawline, on top of your cheekbone, or on your cheekbone. It depends on you.

4. Face mist is always the best quick-fix.

Face mist, also called traveler’s mist, gives you the refreshing effects of a shower from a bottle spritzer, or of a caffeine rush from an espresso shot. It is a common item among travelers, office workers, and commuters. While most mists are made with fresh alkaline water, some are made with organic ingredients such as lemongrass, tea tree, and peppermint among others. It is the best way to refresh and wake you up, whenever and wherever you may be.

There you have it, the “no-makeup” Korean makeup secrets. Surprise everyone—and yourself—with these four must-use items: BB cream, CC cream, cheek-and-lip tint, and face mist. Let us know how you go!


Workouts : Simple Exercises To Shed Off Excess Weight

Together with a balanced diet, working out regularly is a crucial part of any weight loss regimen. Exercising helps the body burn excess calories and body fats while making the muscles firm and strong. Your diet must keep up with your active lifestyle (check out the top-rated gluten free delivery services). It is important that the whole body gets its dose of daily exercise to be able to stay flexible as well as feel and look good, too.

workouts that promote weight loss

With the numerous exercises that are available to you, which ones do you work on first? Here is a guide as to which exercises you can perform simply.

1 – Jogging / Running

Both jogging and running can increase your heart beat which means that they can also burn calories. Running and getting a good sweat from it can help you lose weight. All you will need is a good pair of running shoes. You can run around the block or at the park. You do not have to run or jog during the early morning, though. You can run at any time of the day as long as you do it regularly.

If you want to up your game and burn even more calories or if you think that running several miles per day does not challenge you anymore, you might want to try running uphill on an incline. The higher the incline, the more intense your workout will be and the more calories your body will burn.

2 – Swimming

If you love playing in the water, swimming will be a good workout to help you lose weight. This is also good for those who do not want too much pressure on their joints, which usually happens when running or jogging on hard surfaces. Swimming stimulates the different muscle groups of the whole body so you get a total workout by just hitting the pool. You do not even need to bring fancy gym equipment. All you need is your swimwear.

3 – Brisk Walking

Another workout that you can do in your free time is brisk walking. Walking briskly allows you to increase your heart rate, thereby burning more calories. You can walk a certain distance at any time of the day, the same with running or jogging.

4 – Jumping Rope

Almost everyone knows how to jump rope. It is an activity that you might have learned in school for physical education. Jumping rope makes the heart beat faster and, as such, can help burn calories which can ultimately result to shedding off extra body fat.

Jumping rope is a cheap and, most importantly, fun way to lose weight. You can jump rope almost anywhere due to the portability of the item. You can perform various tricks, such as double jump, to increase the intensity of your workout.

5 – Yoga

Yoga offers plenty of health benefits to a person’s body. Firstly, it promotes weight loss especially when coupled with intensity training. Second, it allows your muscles to stretch, making them stay flexible. A person usually becomes less flexible. Thirdly, it is good for mental and spiritual health as it offers peace of mind.

6- Boxing

Boxing works your different muscle groups out, especially the core and the arms. It will be good to attend a beginner class in a reputable boxing gym so that you will know the proper form and techniques in boxing that can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

These six workout activities will definitely help get your whole body active and burning calories. However, you should not forget that your diet also plays an important part in losing weight. No matter how much you exercise, if you are not eating healthy meals regularly, everything that you have worked out for will just go to waste.


How to Lose Weight Quickly

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There are plenty of ways to lose weight quickly, but most of them will make you feel hungry and keep you unsatisfied after a while. Eventually, that leads to binge eating and gaining of excess weight. To lose weight quickly, you need to have iron willpower and reduce your appetite in a considerable span of time.
Follow a weight loss plan:

The plan that has been outlined below will help you in weight loss without feeling hungry all the time. It will also bring about a significant improvement in your metabolic health.

1. Make a supplementation plan

Supplementaiton is extremely important when you try to lose weight as quickly as possible. It is most likely that your body will be in a big deficit of nutrients. Supplementation helps all the various functions going on in your body run at full efficiency.

There are even supplements that can aide directly with the weight loss. When you supplement with Slimfy, you have the oppertunity to lose weight with the Slimfy all-natural ingredients. The amazing reviews of Slimfy discuss the thousands of people who have experienced a curb of appetite, as well as fat burning results while on the supplement.

It is also recommended that you take a multi-vitamin that has all the nessecary nutrients. ADAM Multi-Vitamin is a great solution, as it contains appropriate dosages of each vitamin.

2. Cut back on starches and sugars

While on this plan, it is essential for you to cut off carbs and sugar from your diet plan. These are the only items that stimulate the level of insulin in your body.
If you are not aware insulin is the primary hormone that aids in fat storage in your body.

When the level of insulin drops in your body, it becomes easier for the fats to get out of your fat storage. The result is your body starts burning more fats instead of carbs.

If that is not all, when the insulin levels lower down, your kidneys also start shedding excessive water and sodium out of the body. This helps in reducing the bloat or what is known as water weight.

It is, in fact, a very common scenario to lose around 10 pounds of body weight in the very first week of starting this plan. By this, we mean both the water weight and body fat.

3. Eat fats, proteins, and low-carb vegetables

Each meal that you take through the day should include significant amounts of protein and carbs as well as low-carb vegetables. When you construct your meals in an aforementioned way, it is guaranteed to bring down your carb intake into the recommended range of 20 to 50 grams per day.

Various sources of protein include seafood, meat, and eggs. Seafood can include trout, salmon, shrimps, etc., while meat could consist of chicken, beef, pork, bacon and lamb.

Sources of fat could be olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, tallow, and butter.

Low-carb vegetables primarily comprise broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, celery, spinach, cauliflower, Kale, Swiss chard, cucumber, etc.

Do not fret to stuff yourself with these low-carb vegetables. You can eat them as much as you like but the portion should not be more than 20 to 50 net carbs per day. A diet that is based on vegetables and meat contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep you fit. With this diet, you can completely skip grains from your diet.

4. Lift weights about three to four times every week

Though you do not need to exercise frequently when you are on this diet plan, it is good if you do so. You can visit the gym three to four times a week while on this plan. The basic things you can do are a little bit of warm-up, a quick weight lifting session, and few stretches. If you are a new entrant to the gym, you can ask your trainer for some advice. While you are lifting weights, you will burn quite a few calories, and it will also not slow down your metabolic health, which is often seen when you are on a weight loss plan.

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Various researches conducted on low-carb diets show that you might even gain a little bit of muscle weight while you are losing heavy count of body fats.

Also, if you are not too keen on lifting weights, then you can lose weight quickly by doing some simple cardio activities like jogging, running, walking, and swimming.
Don’t starve yourself to lose weight quickly

It is advised to consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet. By reducing the intake of carbs and insulin, you reduce your appetite and hunger cravings thereby creating an environment where you mind and body wants to lose weight. When compared to the traditional methods, you lose weight two to three times faster. For those who are not too patient with their weight loss, the initial drop in water weight causes a major difference in the weighing scale by the following morning.

Quick tips to kick start your weight loss program

1.    Eat a breakfast that is high in proteins.
2.    Avoid fruit juices and other sweetened beverages.
3.    Drink as much water you can take half an hour before all your meals.
4.    Consume soluble fiber or fiber supplements.
5.    Drink tea or coffee.
6.    Choose food items that are considered to be weight loss friendly.
7.    Sleep for at least 8 hours every night.
8.    Use small plates when eating your meals.
9.    Chew your food well and eat slowly.
10.    Include unprocessed foods in your diet as much as possible.

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