The Secrets of a “No-Makeup” Korean Makeup

Aside from having a healthy diet, regular exercise and a positive mindset, there is another way to bring your assets a notch higher, not exactly by altering your features, but by enhancing them even further. Thus, lately, a new “no-makeup” Korean makeup phenomenon has been taking the world by storm.

Korean no makeup style

What exactly is a “no-makeup” Korean makeup? For one, this style is not heavy on colors, shades, and depth; it is more about putting just the right amount of makeup to make you look fresh and vibrant (go find Korean cosmetics online now!). That goes to say that for someone with an untrained eye for makeup, that person most likely will be fooled into thinking you haven’t put makeup at all. That’s a big badge of honor, to be told, “You’re beautiful even without makeup!”

What are the secrets to achieving a “no-makeup” look? And what can the Korean makeup industry teach you about looking your best without trying so hard?

Here are the “no-makeup” Korean-style makeup secrets you ought to know right now:

1. BB cream is your everyday best friend.

BB cream translates to, Blemish Balm, Blemish Base, Beblesh Balm, or Beauty Balm. It is the most popular innovation of the South Korean makeup industry, putting thick and sticky foundation bases to shame. What’s great about BB cream is that it covers up your blemishes, smooths out your skin, covers up your pores, and even doubles up as sunblock. It makes your skin glow especially on those late nights when you’re buggered with dry skin and eye bags that do not seem to go away. And above all, with all these benefits, BB cream does not show up as “makeup” when used. It effortlessly blends with your skin. No wonder why so many Western brands also released their line of BB creams when South Korea wowed the world with this smart product.

2. CC cream is your best friend on those “blah” days.

CC cream stands for Color Correction. Just like BB cream, it smooths out, moisturizes, and protects your skin. It helps you out in effortlessly making yourself look fresh and vibrant. The only difference with BB cream is that CC cream evens out your complexion not just color-wise, but also texture-wise. It has that extra feature of making sure that you still look your best even with the lack of sleep, and at that time of the month when your hormones are just out of whack. This cream evens out age-related features such as wrinkles and age spots. Also because of CC cream’s more fancy features, it has a higher SPF than BB cream.

3. Cheek-and-lip tint is always a must-bring.

Goodbye, lipsticks and cheek blushes. Say hello to cheek-and-lip tints! These tints usually come in different shades, and can always be used for both cheeks and lips. Why do they stand better than blushes and lipsticks?

First off, they look more natural, with a pinkish glow that comes when you just finish your yoga class. Secondly, these tints make it more creative for you to re-create your look, with cheek tints that can go in parallel with your jawline, on top of your cheekbone, or on your cheekbone. It depends on you.

4. Face mist is always the best quick-fix.

Face mist, also called traveler’s mist, gives you the refreshing effects of a shower from a bottle spritzer, or of a caffeine rush from an espresso shot. It is a common item among travelers, office workers, and commuters. While most mists are made with fresh alkaline water, some are made with organic ingredients such as lemongrass, tea tree, and peppermint among others. It is the best way to refresh and wake you up, whenever and wherever you may be.

There you have it, the “no-makeup” Korean makeup secrets. Surprise everyone—and yourself—with these four must-use items: BB cream, CC cream, cheek-and-lip tint, and face mist. Let us know how you go!